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Ep. 12 | The Media, January 6th and COVID with SOF Psyop Captain Emily Rainey

Ep. 12 | The Media, January 6th and COVID with SOF Psyop Captain Emily Rainey

Emily earned international notoriety after she led members of her community to the protest on January 6th  which by itself wouldn’t garner particular attention, however, she was a Special Operations Officer in the Psychological Operations branch.

To the left-leaning, woke military of today attending an election integrity rally to hear her Commander in Chief speak (although completely with her rights and ALL regulations) was unacceptable. They wanted to make her an example to all conservatives in the military and permitted her to be painted as a criminal extremist as a warning to any other service members who dare take their Oath as seriously as she.

Emily’s zero-tolerance policy towards cooperating with the Scamdemic has caused many to follow her and many to hate her. As a nonpartisan activist, she leads a group of over 2k locals to enact change and push back on issues such as mask mandates and lockdowns. The worldwide Covidian cult is made plainer to Captain Rainey because of her propaganda training and experience.

Since recently resigning her commission after nearly a decade of service the 31-year-old bought a small farm, and in the light of the country’s current predicament, is working to build a self-reliant homestead for her and her family which, God willing, will one day be a refuge for others.

Emily continues to lead her county-level conservative activism group with a current focus on electing new conservatives to the Board of Education.

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