Thank you so much! It means a lot considering the time & effort it takes to put a post like this together. ❤️

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Dec 2, 2022Liked by Meseidy

Fantastic distillation of the facts, Meseidy!! I appreciate how thorough you were in your research. The truth is are even more sinister in light of the fact that the Latin translation of Balenciaga is Baal is King. Baal required child sacrifices which ancient civilizations were happy to oblige. An impossible coincidence in light of the material in the photo shoots.

Additionally, the head of Kering, (Selma Hayak's husband), the parent company of Balenciaga, sells child sex dolls with penis noses and holes for mouths that auction for $100k plus each. A wicked and depraved industry indeed, and unsurprisingly Hollywood is chin deep in it.

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Dec 1, 2022Liked by Meseidy

This article and voice-over to podcast was fantastic. You’re so thorough and explain everything so well, and the smarminess is both warranted and appreciated. I listened before I got to read, and man do the pictures put the depravity in context. These are some sick, sick people. Steven Crowder, no matter what you think about him, put this a similar way as you. Hollywood, music industry, high fashion, have long been associated with perverts who exploit children, they just are being more overt about it now.

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